Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New NTAS Site And Widget

It's about time.

Go HERE to learn more about the new National Terrorism Advisory System.

It's what we should have had even BEFORE 9/11.

I have checked out the NTAS (pronounced "EN-tas") website and it looks like the Department Of Homeland Security has finally got its act together.

I have added the widget to my blog and I think that it is important for you to do the same thing. Go to the site to check out how NTAS alerts will work with Facebook and Twitter, too.

This system (as long as they don't all end up like the air-traffic controllers, yikes!) should do a great deal to inform and organize citizens in this country, in the event of a major, National threat.

If you have a blog or website, go ahead and put the widget on it, somewhere. Think of it as a companion to your AMBER alert ticker, something that isn't always used but is very important, nevertheless.

Remember, old Harold whats-his-name is still swearing that the sky will start falling next month, on May 21.


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