Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paper THIS, Trump!

I'd slap the arrogance off that man's face, but considering who I am referring to, it really wouldn't be worth the swing. So I'm going to deliver a written slap to his face, instead.

I tried posting my comment (among thousands of others) on the Washington Post website. But the site is so (understandably) bogged-down right now that it just isn't possible.

Who am I so ticked-off at?

Donald Asshole Trump. And anybody who is stupid enough to agree with his actions.
64 Killed By Tornadoes Today
Mayor of Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Tornado Damage "Catastrophic"
The Storms Continue

Donald Trump didn't roll up the sleeves on his crisp, clean shirt today and lead a parade of volunteers into the devastation in Arkansas. Or Missouri. Nope.

And I bet you won't see his fancy, private helicopter anywhere near the devastation in Alabama!

He didn't figure out a solution to the rising gas prices, or medical insurance or the many other increasingly serious situations evolving in this Country.

No, Donald Trump strutted around small-town New Hampshire and bragged about a piece of paper.

You know, I would expect that type of asinine behavior out of Charlie Sheen (actually, it appears that Sheen is on President Obama's side). Donald Trump should know better.

But then, Trump has never managed to keep a marriage intact for a significant amount of time.

He has never stood between a crushed garage, an upside down car and some one's ruined house, with a rebuilding plan in his head and a hammer in his hand.

He has never stood by a gas pump, staring into his worn leather wallet, while his two kids sat in the truck and wondered how he was going to make ends meet.

Donald Trump has never read the writing on the reality wall when one of his kids got sick and the related bills led him to a local food pantry.

The truth is, Donald Trump has never walked in the shoes of the average American.

And he wants to help lead this Country?

Hell, no.

Trump not only has no relationship, whatsoever, with all of the commoners who exist far below his magnificent tower. But he also has no concept of what it takes to develop and protect the best interests of the United States of America.

Would YOU put our national security in the hands of Donald Trump?

Barack Obama is up to his presidential shoulders in national concerns right now. And despite everything, I believe that he is truly doing the best that he can.

He has never claimed that he has all of the answers and I believe that he would probably welcome sage wisdom from anyone who offered it, at this point. What is The Donald offering HIM?

Every single one of the adults in this Country is either part of the problem or part of the solution. We all have a responsibility here. And one of our duties is to support our president.

Unless the man is an inept, bigoted, biased, unethical, insensitive blowhard like Donald Trump, we should support our leader. President Barack Obama is our Commander-In-Chief and I believe that he considers over 200 million people when he makes every decision, every day.

What the hell has Donald Trump done?

Granted, The Donald has a great deal of money. But what is a million-dollars worth of foolish thinking next to a penny's worth of real wisdom from the heart?

So President Obama has an official paper document. After witnessing Donald Trump's behavior over the past few days, it's obvious to me that Trump's soul isn't made of much more than Barack's document is.

I challenge Donald Trump to shut up and put some motion where his money is. Not in the boardroom, not in front of the cameras and not in a tailored suit...but with the sweat from his brow.

Let our president do his job and let's see Donald HIS. After all, who is the real phony between the two of them?

Yeah, and I don't need a piece of paper to prove that.

All that money and who is Trump really helping?

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