Monday, April 04, 2011

The "Screw-Off, Charlie" Song

"Why don't you sell "crazy" somewhere else...we're all stocked-up, here."--Jack Nicholson.

Charlie is so crazy, that when he gets Alzheimer's, nobody will
recognize the difference.

The "Screw-Off, Charlie" Song:

It's fun to cuss-out Charlie
I could do it all day long
Snub him, Bash him and verbally Trash him...
While I sing the "Screw-Off, Charlie" song!

Yeah, Charlie wants an army
He's trying to relate to us
Even tho black suits from Armani
Are hanging in his bus...

Charlie likes lots of money
Yeah, he thinks cash is cool
We see him grin when the loot comes in
But ATTENTION makes him drool!

No, Charlie is not mighty
For we all hold the sword
He's terrified that we'll kill his pride
And that he'll be ignored

He hopes that he's amazing
But that all depends
On whether he nails the ticket sales
And keeps his twitter friends

Yeah, it's fun to cuss-out Charlie
So we'll just stick to that
Until he stops being gnarly
And we stop buying his stupid act!
--Poem By Ruth Rader.

I love you, Charlie. Enjoy the rest of your tour.
(Even tho you aren't coming to Montana, you gutless goofball!)

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