Friday, April 22, 2011

Where's Kyron...Terri And James?

I've been getting some interesting hits on my tracker and they're all zeroing in on the same person, Terri Moulton Horman's son, James.

It appears that some people are beginning to wonder if James Moulton had something to do with Kyron Horman's disappearance. I'm not ruling out that possibility.

But then, some really odd things happen in Troutdale, Oregon...don't they?

Like stopping for hitchhikers...yeah, stuff like that.

I did some more reading about Terri, today. She wanted to be a full-time teacher.

Yeah, like she wanted to be a first-class bodybuilder.

But she never quite caught the brass ring to either goal. Nope.

Instead she waited for Kyron to come home from school, so she could see what color card he had in his hand.

Terri, the black dirt bitch, couldn't reach her own lofty expectations so she took her frustration out on Kyron...a then seven-year-young kid.

And when she couldn't take it any more, she decided to get Kyron out of the way. Now, people are wondering if Terri's son, James, helped her do it.

It wouldn't surprise me.

The truth is going to come out...meanwhile, "teacher"...leave them kids alone. And that includes little Kiara...if you don't bring Kyron don't deserve to ever see her again.

Yeah, keep James. He's almost grown, anyway. And, thanks to your "lessons", maybe he forgot the value of his cool little stepbrother, Kyron. Just like you did, hmmm...Terri?

Can you hear the phone ringing at the end of the song?

What do you and James think will happen when you answer that call?


siriunsun said...

If James knows something, he is in a difficult spot. It's hard enough to simply be a teenager, but being a teenager whose mother never took the time to teach social or relationship skills or law-abiding behavior is probably very confusing. Maybe it is time for James to have an ad litem, or an advocate somewhere in the legal field to assist him in represting the Truth, independently of his mother's legal problems. There must be someone out there who can help him. Trust me, James, this is no way to live.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I appreciate your comment, siriunsun. However, I don't think that James is lacking in social or relationship skills. I believe he is lacking in ethics, integrity and the capacity to give a damn. Did he do something bad to Kyron? If he thought it would serve his best interests: Yes.
He is prolly more an extension of his mother, than anything else. And while you say that Terri has "legal problems", I believe that she actually has the darkness of a thousand sins, rotting in what's left of her soul.

siriunsun said...

Oh Ruthie! You are probably right, although I love young people, and I hate to see these things! As a survivor of step parent who has more in common with Terri and her ilk than I prolly want to know, (!!!) (she never went as for as Terri seems to have gone, though) I can tell young James that while we may not ask to be born in certain situations or to certain people, we do, somehow, have a choice in becoming extensions of these people and their situations. Exercising that choice can take all we have, and be very hard, but I have personally found it to be more rewarding than being an extension of evil and familial dysfunctionality. I could argue that his best interests would be served by stepping into the Light and doing the right thing, but James may never have had a day when he has actually heard the Truth about anything yet. I sincerely hope he is not an extension of his mother yet, because if he is involved in this, and wishes to protect her, it will cost him more than she is worth. Sad, but true.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Kyron is special for every good reason...for every right reason. I am sorry that you still have to deal with your stepmother if she is not a blessing to you. Some people are curses. They are bad weeds in the garden and they never nurture anybody.
You just keep on doing the right thing, siriunsun. In spite of whatever your stepmother does or does not say.
And yes, I think Kyron may be alive, too.

Anonymous said...

Look lady. I knew Kyron, I knew his teacher, the entire school staff, and oh yeah. I knew James. I was friends with him. James was one of the nicest kids I had ever known. Don't go assuming things so quickly. James had absolutely nothing to do with this case. So leave him out of it. And leave Kyron's teacher out of it.

Ruth Rader said...

I published this post over two years ago and you've sent me a comment about it, NOW??


So you say that you "knew Kyron." Really? In what capacity?

You also mention Kyron's teacher and "the entire school staff." Why are you making a concerted effort to let me know that? Why is the teacher and the school staff so significant to you that you felt compelled to mention them in your comment?

You jumped from Kyron to his teacher to the entire school staff to James. Why did choose to list those people in that particular order?

And why do you refer to each person in the past tense? "I knew Kyron...I knew his teacher...I knew James." What about now?

When you mention James, you state: "I was friends with him." You used the term "was." Does this mean that you aren't friends with him, now?

You referred to James as "one of the nicest kids." You're dating yourself and coming across as an older person...quite a bit older than James is.

Then you wrote something that sticks out from the rest of your comment: "Don't go assuming things so quickly."

That's a rather odd thing to post. I mean, my post is over two years old and you're telling me not to assume too quickly.

Uhhh, hrrrmmm.

Methinks that you're conveying much more here than even you may have been aware of when you sent your comment to me.

In fact, I don't assume as much as I analyze.

You declared that "James had absolutely nothing to do with this case."

How do YOU know?

And you used the word "absolutely."
You not only come across as an older person but you also sound very sure of yourself.


Lastly, you wrote "leave Kyron's teacher out of it."

Why are you so concerned about Kyron's teacher? Who is that person to you?

Whether you realize it or not, you actually sent out a mouthful when you sent your comment to me.

Of course, there is the chance that you are just a wingnut with psychological issues, who just happens to have latched-on to Kyron's situation.

I dare you, now, to prove otherwise.