Sunday, April 10, 2011

Your Choice About Charlie

I have a suggestion for everyone who has either purchased tickets already or is planning to buy one to see Charlie Sheen: DON'T GO TO HIS SHOW. That idiot now has more BOO'S! under his belt than Casper the ghost!

The next tour stops are:
10 April, 2011 Radio City Music Hall New York NY US
12 April, 2011 Agganis Arena Boston MA US
14 April, 2011 Massey Hall Toronto ON CA
16 April, 2011 Trump Taj Mahal - Marc G Etess Arena Atlantic City NJ US
19 April, 2011 DAR Consitution Hall Washington DC US

Of course, there are many tour dates scheduled after these stops. But these are the next five on the list.

Charlie is actually going to go back to Radio City Music a dog returning to its own vomit...and try again. Then he's going to go up to Boston where he'll either be truly funny (which I believe is impossible) or he'll end up buried somewhere in the far reaches of the Common.

He's supposed to follow that fiasco with a date in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Although, at this point, I'm not so sure that the Canadian Government is going to let Charlie in, anymore.

Then Charlie's going to play a gig in New Jersey where he'll probably get beat-up by Snooki and top-off his Northeastern Nonsense in our Nation's capitol.

I really believe that the remedy for Charlie's ridiculous escapade can be resolved one of three ways:

1.) Attend the show and enjoy yourself by either liking what Charlie does or by booing your lungs out.

2.) Tear-up your ticket to his lost cause and don't walk into his "Tinker-Toy-Torpedo-Tank."

3.) Don't waste your money on a ticket and don't show up at his venue, either.

I think Charlie will flat line if he's really ignored.

Just imagine: The WingNut Wacko walks out onto the stage to...(crickets)...
He sits down in his chair (Grampa Charlie always has to have his chair, doesn't he?) and stares in shock at row-after-row of empty seats.

I am requesting that "The Donald" pay any community that totally boycotts Charlie's Even though Charlie and his entourage are going to be staying at the Trump Taj Mahal when they arrive in New Jersey. And I believe that any community that manages to pull that off should also repay every ticket-holder, in that particular community, out of that million-dollars. I mean, come on...we all know that Charlie's not going to do it! He's a deal-breaker (Duh! Detroit, New York City) and he wouldn't repay Betty White, much less anybody else.

So, think hard about this before you make your choice. Because, right now, Charlie Sheen's so-called, "Winning! Talent" isn't really worth a Baseball Bobble head, or a
Boston Bingo Card

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