Friday, May 27, 2011

If It Makes You Laugh, It's Worth It


I am slowly beginning to learn how to use all of the video options on my computer. And a year from now, these first videos will be considered hilarious. *smirk*

But, it's all a learning process.

Plus the fact that I am in a place right now that is really nice...but it's meant for other purposes which I have nothing to do with. I'm here mainly because Craig, the Wonder Guy, is an acquaintance of mine and he runs the place.

So I am here as a "tenant", per Se. This type of a non-profit cannot technically charge rent, however, I can make a charitable donation...ya know.

Right now I am looking for an alternative place. Because everyone else here is part of an established program (which, I am definitely not part of) there are cameras, everywhere. I don't mind them (in fact, I make faces at them all the time) but I really would rather be staying at a place where Big Brother isn't all around me, all of the time.

Chambersburg got a little spanking from Mother Nature, yesterday. Here are low-resolution PHOTOS from last night's storm.

The goofy local newspaper posts them in low-res and then slaps a big watermark on the shots. Yet, the photos are supposed to illustrate the story...yeah right, go figure!

Have a great weekend and please don't drink and drive!

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