Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Time For Roseburg To Step In Line

Kyron Richard Horman.

His face, voice and name are still on numerous sites across the Internet. And despite what Terri Moulton Horman might have thought would happen...Kyron's story has not gone away.

Kyron, himself, isn't back, yet. But the concern for him has circled around the Earth and back again. And it is still firmly in place.

I know this because I follow the chatter about him on the Internet.

No matter how many miles Terri walks, the shadow of what she's done will continue to follow close behind her. Kyron may be "stashed" away, somewhere, but his spirit is fluid...and it will snake in and out of Terri's conscience until it all but strangles the evil within her.

God can and does give power to His children...even, in this case, to an eight-year-young boy.

Any attempt to minimize Kyron's reach is to try and limit God...and the truth is that neither is ever going to happen.

Kyron's voice will continue to be heard, a thousand times over...online, in songs, poems, prayers and promises.

Now it is time for the city of Roseburg, Oregon to join the effort to bring Kyron home. It's the right thing to do and overdue.

I am on the eastern side of the Country, right now. But if I was in Oregon, I'd make a beeline straight to where Terri is hiding in Roseburg.

I would get the most non-exclusive permit from the City, park myself in a chair across the street from her parent's house and start my own, public "Flush Out The Rat" campaign.

I would post written updates on my blog and video updates on YouTube. And I would return every day, with a sign and an attitude to go with it.

There's something golden about a peaceful but persistent presence. And I am a firm believer in the power of peaceful, public assembly.

Where two or three are gathered in God's name, He promises to dig in for a firefight right along with them.

And it is totally true that God has a special place in His realm for children.

Woe be to the one that tries to take one of those children away from Him.

Despite that, there is still one more possibility to consider, at this point: Is the kidnapper going to try to take another child, again, THIS year?

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