Sunday, May 22, 2011

One More Time With Feeling?

What a week!

A mother killed her own son and dumped him on the side of a road. An old man (almost) fooled people all over the world into believing that all Hell was going to break loose. A prominent governor's bastard secret finally caught up with him. The State of Louisiana faced yet another natural disaster. And Terri Moulton Horman still didn't bring little Kyron Richard Horman back.

It's enough to make one wonder if anyone still believes in Hallmark greeting cards.

We need a hit of happiness...and human kindness. I got one last week. But that's just me.

The same gift needs to go a great, big, sincere group hug.

Think about that tomorrow morning...when the "end of the Earth" idea blows away and the regular routine shifts back into gear, again.

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Ruthie In The Sky said...

I believe that "Family Radio" and Harold Camping, himself, are about due for an official audit by the IRS. As for the FBI, siriunsun, well, they prolly don't have enough on the old man to really shake him down...yet.