Friday, May 20, 2011

Prepare To Meet Thy Doom (via Cyberspace)

21 Reasons The World Won't End May 21 - Photos - WMTW Portland

According to Harold Camping and some ding-dong bells, tomorrow's massive earthquake is going to spark the destruction of the Planet...and us.

Of course, that depends on what time zone you're in .

Most of us realize that the old man is crazy. But, it has created a worldwide, albeit amusing, stir among the masses.

Especially on the Internet.

And, cyberspace being what it is...there's a little something for everybody to dig in to before the BIG ONE hits.

Our Amazing Planet has got some helpful pages to offer, including The Doomsday Weather Forecast for the United States. After all, what self-respecting individual wants to face the damnation of humanity without appropriate clothing?

And you may need an umbrella...

Tech Media Network has created a nifty website to help prepare those of us who don't get scooped up into Heaven right away. Their list includes such precious items as a jackknife, MRE's and tang.

They also include a fascinating discussion that considers whether cockroaches will make the survival cut.

CNN and The Marquee Blog have compiled a list of "What We'll Miss If The World Ends."

Of course, there will be parties. Which is why you have probably already checked-out the Judgement Day Party widget that I have posted on my blog.

But seriously, the rational folks among us know that Harold Camping's prediction is just a bunch of Holy Roller Hooey. We're actually going to just live through another day and try to do the best that we can for ourselves and each other.

Just like on any other day.


God bless us.

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