Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Eight

I left the motel and after walking for awhile up the road, I stopped.

There it was...right in front of me...carved into the wood...edged with gold all of its hometown glory...the sign that read: "Welcome To Emporia."

"Oh, hell, no" I thought.

It turns out that I had been so tired that, once in the cop's car, I had sat back in the seat and closed my eyes. So, I never saw where the cop went until we reached the motel.

And where he went was to a motel on the edge of town...the southern edge...the wrong end. So, if I planned to get north of Emporia (which was what I really needed to do) I would have to continue walking, all the way back through town, past the library and the northern side of the order to hitchhike and get the heck out of there.

I was looking at miles.

I started walking and my left hip began to hurt. It is a pain that I have never had, before. I am still dealing with it, now.

I got back to the library and then realized that it was actually connected to another building that included the sheriff's department.

So I dragged myself in and talked to them.

A short time later, an officer drove me the rest of the way through Emporia and many miles outside of that city.

"The Interstate is that way" he said and pointed over a bridge.

I took his cue but I never went down the ramp onto the Interstate that day.

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