Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Four

"Here we go again" I thought.

I was wrong.

The officer stood with one hand on his service belt and his other hand on the side of the cruiser and listened to my story.

I believe that is one of the very few times in my seventeen-years on the road, that I totally blew a law enforcement officer away.

My conversation with him led to two more cops from different jurisdictions who brought me along on a shelter search of their own.

We never found one that had room.

Finally, the third cop drove me to a motel and bought me a room for the night.

I thanked him, he winked back at me, and fifteen-minutes later I was watching a reality show on the Discovery channel.

When I glanced at the clock in the room, I realized that exactly twelve hours had passed since I had first sat down on that guard rail earlier that morning.

I knew then that I had to get right out of that area the next day.

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