Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Greetings from beautiful downtown Winona, Minnesota. Or how the locals say it: "Weenoahna, Meenehsooahta."

I have been on a bus all night and tonight I am going to sleep in a nice, big comfy bed in this hotel. Yeah.

Ah'm tired, y'all.

Where is my final destination?


In the meantime, I will relax tonight, eat a bodacious breakfast tomorrow morning, linger over coffee and then get back on a bus tomorrow afternoon.

And THAT is when the REAL FUN is going to begin!


In a word: WEATHER.

I am going to be going through, (among other places)...Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Washington DC. However, I will be going quite a ways farther than that before I am through.

But that's enough information for now.

Right now, I need a bath (which I will get) and my pasta is on its way courtesy of a major pizza chain.

What about Kyron?

I will keep a close eye on things that are related to his case. And yes, I will probably make a return visit to Oregon, at some point, this Summer.

Will I return to Montana?

Yes. That is already a done deal. I will return to that State in the early Fall.

Am I going to take public transportation everywhere this season or will I hitchhike, as well?

Yes, there is a possibility that I might hitchhike, at some point.

Is this an adventure for me?


And I will post updates as often as possible.

See ya!

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