Monday, May 09, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Hello from steamy, southern-fried North Carolina!

I have moved inland from where I started (Wilmington) in North Carolina and I am now headed in a more northerly direction.

My laptop is about done and I expect it to give up its microchip ghost very soon. For that reason, I will probobly put it out of misery any day now.

I expected that to happen. It is an older laptop, anyway, and I am surprised that it hung in there for as long as it has...considering what I've put it through!

So I will have to go back to using terminals in public libraries until I buy a new one. I will likely get a refurbished or second-hand one again. But I will go for a newer model than the one that I have now. It will be new to me and that is all that really counts, anyway.

As long as it does the
job, that is all that I care about.

I want to tell you all about what has happened and what will go on from here. But I am under a time-constraint. So I probobly won't post the "good stuff" for a few more days.

But I'm alright, got a t-shirt on, a sunburn on my face and I'm enjoying a real adventure. Hello, Summertime!

I'll get back with ya'll, soon! Yeehaw!

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