Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Terri: I Hope Your Conscience Devours You

I don't like KATU-TV's (Portland, Oregon) coverage of the Kyron Horman missing child case. I believe that they are, for the most part, biased in favor of Terri Moulton Horman.

It's as if they decided that some part of the media machine had to stick with Terri, and so they decided to do it. Oh, they're subtle...but.

However, the new video that KATU shot could have its advantages. It shows how Terri Moulton Horman looks now.

Although, if it had been me there, I would have asked Terri some questions with a totally different attitude.

I mean really: One of lessons that I have learned in life...never talk politely to piece of shit.

And Terri Moulton Horman is a turd tremendous.

And now she's taking walks with her gray-haired, sorta-momma (who is a sub-human for supporting Terri)...yeah, way to go on with your life, Terri!

Are you going to come out of hiding now, Terri? Huh, huh...are you?


And bring your dog and elderly mommy with you for protection!

Come on, Terri...come out! We ALL want to talk to you!

What's that vehicle following you? Oh...don't concern yourself...it's just the "Taste Of Your Own Medicine" express.

Huh? Oh, and now you hear something, too? Well, that's probably the "Feet Of Fate"...following each one of YOUR footsteps.

Don't be concerned about it, Terri...unless, of course...the vehicle and the feet catch up with you.


siriunsun said...

I got an email from someone this morning who told me that there has been a lot of infighting among people who are trying to find Kyron, and a lot of negative drama. Since I am not there, I could not completely understand how she feels, but it broke my heart when she described the feeling of trusted friendships ending over this. It sounds like not finding Kyron yet has really taken a tole on the morale of a whole community. Did the rat who stole Kyron intend all of that, too? If so, that is some SERIOUS bad karma.......

Ruthie In The Sky said...

The only ones who are going to reap bad karma are the ones who are responsible for taking Kyron.

As for the infighting, that, in my opinion, is pathetic waste of time that no one counted on...not even the perps.

I keep focused on facts and there are many other people like me who are doing the same thing. So it doesn't matter who says what...only the people who are focused are really involved in the investigation. I highly doubt that anyone in LE is fighting over this...and unless that is what you mean...then the fighting really doesn't mean anything.
And no matter what, EVERYONE WHO CARES ABOUT KYRON can unite in prayer.
I suggest that they try that.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I think that everyone should direct their anger at Terri Moulton Horman and her possible accomplices.
Go after DeDe Spicher and maybe Terri's son, James.
Then there is Mike Cook and a few other names that have come to my attention.
Somebody tried to tell me about some "Eskimo" guy and another dude who are apparently business owners in Portland, Oregon. I was told that they have a vested interest in strip clubs or bars or something like that. Somehow they might be tied to Kyron's disappearance.
I, for one, believe that the main blame goes right back to the family, itself. I have felt that way from the very beginning and I feel that way, now.
As for the in-fighting...when a little kid is missing...who has the time or the inclination to fight about anything?
Go get a public permit from the City of Roseburg, Oregon...stand across the street from the parent's house...and yell at Terri!
Send her snail mail, throw your feelings in a well-written notice, onto their front lawn...give your anger to the ones who truly deserve it...and then post the video on YouTube.
I promise that I'll post it on my blog, too.