Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Video For Kyron And A Letter To Desiree

To My Readers--

First of all, I want to invite you to watch a beautiful new video that is now on YouTube.

I have posted it just above the header that points to Kyron's official website. I discovered the video today on another website and fell in love with it, immediately.

The creator has turned-off the comment and rating option. I know that this is out of respect for Kyron, his family, friends and all of us in the online community that have grown to love Kyron, too.

So I want to extend this thank you to the person responsible for producing the video. You did an excellent job.

Second, I know that all of you have been following the unfolding and tragic story about little Camden Hughes.

I have a feeling that the details of his death are going to be mighty tough for us all to take. And none of us will ever understand why his mother took her own son's life.

But despite her efforts, the mother was unable to hide what she did. And little Camden will never be alone, again...not here on Earth or in Heaven.

That is because God never abandons His own. He gave Camden's mother the ability to make her own choices. And the decision that she made was final.

But God's love is eternal. And that is why Camden is surrounded by so much love, now. He has open hearts here and angels in Heaven, too. He always will.

Kyron is loved, too. He sure is.

And I want to share my next words with his mother, Desiree Young:



I am here in a small-town city in Pennsylvania, right now. But I read the article and watched your interview with Fox News.

You are a formidable opponent against evil. Desiree, you are everything that Camden's mother is not.

And no matter what Kyron's fate is, you are still strong enough to deal with the last word on your situation's list--Justice.

That has to happen.

Something within you will have to break free and latch on to this last fight.

Because I believe that a mother like you has got to step into the spotlight and remind everyone just how important America's children really are. There are too many kids missing in our Country now, Desiree. You can make some bold moves to tighten-up laws, make sure cameras are installed, require background checks, encourage every State to provide adequate and affordable parental counseling and do some dynamite PSA's that will REMIND ADULTS THAT THEY DON'T HAVE TO STRUGGLE THROUGH PARENTING, ALONE!

If Camden's mother had known where to turn...perhaps Camden would still be alive. If Terri, on the fourth day of last June, had seen an easy way out, an alternative so much better than whatever one she chose...then perhaps your son would be in your arms, today.

I know that there are no guarantees, Desiree. But you have to start somewhere. You have to try. Because that is what life is all about. And taking a brave stand for the sake of every child caught in a dysfunctional situation in the United an important role...that you have left. You are faith under fire and when you speak, Desiree...people listen.

The understanding that a parent, who cannot cope anymore, can bring their child to a hospital, fire station or police department and drop the kid off without repercussions is not, in my opinion, clear enough yet in this Country.

And you and I both know, Desiree, that the lack of security at Skyline School last year was disgraceful. It should be totally illegal to operate a public school in the United States without a proper security system in place.

YOU ARE NEEDED, DESIREE. You have the power and the reasons behind you to take a solid stand against irresponsibility, negligence and the abuse of children in this Country.

I admire you so much, Desiree. You have a spine and you've used it every day throughout this ordeal. Kyron would be proud of you.

I'm sure that Terri never, ever dreamed that you would maintain such an enduring strength. But you have.

It's a given that you and I will likely never meet. But that's okay. All I will need to see is the best of that fighter in you.

When I do, I will smile. And I won't be the only one. Every child with angel wings will smile, too.

God bless you, Desiree.



Anonymous said...

what a beautiful letter to a beautiful woman (inside and out)...i admire her strength, her
faith and the love for Kyron through this horrific ordeal and I believe as well that she would be such an amazing spokeperson for crimes against our little angels...i just wish Kyron can see what a mother he has and how much she loves him...God Bless you Ruthie for all your work as well!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

You're welcome.