Saturday, May 21, 2011

We're Still Here!



Harold Camping, you nitwit, you screwed-up, again.

It's now closing in on midnight on May 12:01AM it will be Sunday, May 22 and you will look like the biggest idiot in the Universe.


I hope that this teaches you to mind your own business and let God do His job.

Go to church tomorrow morning and tell God that you're sorry for trying to second-guess Him instead of encouraging people to make the most out of life.

Maybe He will understand...but the rest of us sure won't.

Goodbye, dumb ass.

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Okay, Harold, you old fool, it's after 11PM here on the Eastern side of the Continental United States. I have NOAA weather radio turned on, Internet access, email set to be received from the USGS, along with any notices about tsunami warnings and automatic updates from the worldwide media via Google aggregated news.

And right now, all is quiet on the Eastern front.

There aren't any reports of UFO's or horsemen exploding through the clouds. There are no major quakes in New Zealand or bodies rising up from graves.

So what's the deal, Harold? Huh?

I'll tell you what's really happening, Harold...

...this experience is giving many of us on this Earth a reason to stop and think.

The way that I see it, Harold, we don't need a thunderhead of judgement to open up and rain damnation all over us. And we don't need to ride a renegade breeze up to righteousness. Not yet, anyway.

What we need is more in miracles...and not just the ones that are created by God...but by each other...we need to laugh...find the magic and joke within ourselves...and share them with each other...we need to comfort...empathize...encourage...and trust...appreciate...adore...and admire...

...Harold, WE NEED TO LIVE!!!

Nothing is going to happen today, Harold...but then again, maybe...just might.

Perhaps not in our world...but within ourselves.

The question is, Harold...will that all begin within you?

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