Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Ability In Me

Ability. I've been thinking about that word all day.

And this is why:

I have seen every side of the United States "provider system"...from housing programs to food assistance to shelters...and I have encountered the condescension that, all too often, goes along with it.

Most of my readers have nothing, whatsoever, to do with the Social Service machine in this Country. They are, instead, employed and well-established in the middle-income currents of the economic stream.

And the only time that they drift into the deep end of the water is when they read this blog.

I've always been very aware of that as I have composed my "Ruthie On The Road, Update" posts over the years.

And through my blog, I have done my best to display who I am.

Some people have recognized my writing, photography and my ability to display both on this a bona fide creative talent.

Others have refused to give this nearly seven-year effort more than a cursory glance.

They, instead, turn to a discussion about employment (in a job that I have no business doing), low-income housing and blah, blah, blah.

Meanwhile, my blog remains, right on their computer monitor screen, and they ignore what it really means.

Those people represent every ignorant, biased and bitter staff person that I've met in numerous "Havens Of The Helpless" across the United States. Those people who believe that every person who wraps up in a blanket and sleeps on the sidewalk on West Burnside Avenue in Portland, Oregon is a zombie. Those people who sit in church soup kitchens, listen to my words while they flash a fake smile and then grab the sanitizer after we shake hands and say goodbye. Those people who assume that I am referring to a Facebook page when I tell them that I am going to work on my blog in a university library. Those people who are convinced that I really don't know source code from sea salt. And those people who are sure that a female hitchhiker would never receive regular information from the USGS or Intelligence Online (that scrutinizes the USDOD, among other things) or the IDGA in her email account.

Yeah, those people.

The other day someone asked me to proofread and edit some paperwork for her. It's kind of a "duh" proposition for me. It will take very little effort on my part to get it done.

But, when I finish the task, I will still be haunted by her initial but well-meant question to me: " you know how to type?"

Did Mr. "I-Used-To-Have-Constituents" Anthony Weiner ever sit in front of a keyboard?

Ability... this Country, some people still have trouble recognizing it for what it is.


Anonymous said...


I think you have a wonderful ability, I have followed your blogs about Kyron and you are always spot on!

Well written, well thought out and your "heart" comes through.

Don't ever take those people seriously - some of the most intelligent people I have met in my life were travellers.. free spirits, and true to themselves.

Life is too short to live it as someone else dictates. Do whatever makes you happy, as long as nobody gets hurt :)

I for one, envy your freedom!

Jennifer Nouri said...

Hi Ruthie, I enjoy your writing and your videos. Its obvious you have a wonderful heart, to hell with anyone else's definition of anything. You survive and you thrive. You put yourself out there. You get in people's faces. I vote for you. Thumbs up! oh speaking of Thumbs, where's your next adventure? Jennifer

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I suppose that you'll just have to wait to find out, Jennifer. ;)