Thursday, June 09, 2011

Even The Monkeys Are Scared...

Hells Bells! The monkeys are talking. My video, "A Straight Shot To The Point" is eliciting chatter in the Internet jungle trees.


Yeah, they are just going bananas over it. Apparently some of them watched the video and it just about made them toot their fruit.

They almost lost their Chiquita, Cheetah!


["Checky, checky", eh?

Yeah, kitty chimpanzee, you just go right ahead.

Knock yourself out. (It'll save me the trouble)]


A tropical fruit smoothie is dense and so are some people who have tried to do something worthwhile in the Kyron Horman missing child case. They type and type until their fingers tangle and it really doesn't make any difference.

The time is long past for Internet message boards. People, your eyes and take a wide look around the present situation.

How many times are you going to revolve around in senseless circles before you get tired of the ride?

Do you know what I've read from some of you geniuses on the Internet, lately?

1.) Desiree killed Kyron and buried evidence in the back yard of her house. And that's why she and Tony (who is a corrupt cop) got the idea to plant flowers and put a fountain in place to hide proof of their dastardly deed.

2.) Desiree killed Kyron so that she and Kaine would eventually be drawn back together in a romantic liaison.

3.) Kaine killed Kyron and hid the boy's body up in Canada.

4.) Tony Young killed Kyron because he was tired of sharing Desiree's affection and then he dumped Kyron's body in the ocean.

Have you read enough?


You people who create this crapola and smear it all over cyberspace disgust me. I mean, totally and completely.

When it comes to the whereabouts of Kyron Horman, you really don't know the facts from a fajita!

And when you've posted your thoughtless "theories", you've actually helped to protect those who are REALLY GUILTY. You dumb asses.

If you just want to monkey-around, go find Tarzan.

If you want to find Kyron, then start doing something that you haven't done yet:

Shut Up And Listen.


This post is in response to a particular website on the Internet that includes an underwhelming amount of intelligence (literally and otherwise). I am sure that some of the primates from that pack will read this post. And I sincerely hope that they are surprised to realize that I am aware of their deluded discussion. That fact, alone, makes my point crystal clear...but only to those who recognize the reason behind the revelation. There, chew on THAT, monkeyshines, why don't ya!

And now for a clip from the blog of Ms. Siriunsun:

"Terri, this is what I have to say to you about any type of work or contact with children: stay away from my children! You lied, almost from the beginning of the investigation into your stepson's disappearance, not caring how it would affect the outcome. Suppose someone had been stalking YOU, and grabbed Kyron? How does lying about your whereabouts help at all? Next, you never truly acted like you cared about Kyron or Kiara, then you tried to steal Kiara from your husband despite a temporary court order to the contrary, and now you are being represented by an attorney, who is standing between you and responsibility for the welfare of a child. Last but not least, your choices have made life difficult, not only for your own children, but for their half siblings, and for all of Kyron's classmates. You suck, Terri, you know that? No one should allow you to work anywhere near a child."


Anonymous said...

Go Ruthie!!!!! ♥ I try to ignore the monkey page, but a friend sent me the link to their chatter about your video. My first thought was "I can't wait for Ruthie's response". Just wanted to let you know you exceeded my expectations with your usual honesty and humor.
Keep up the good work. With people like you, there WILL be justice for Kyron.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I truly hope so, Anonymous. Thank you for the comment. You take care.

Anonymous said...

Way-To-Go Ruthie! I wasn't sure of you at first but after reading your blog I can see your heart. You are the REAL thing. Sassifrass should be ashamed!!! Those monkeys need new batteries or something. They are running out of juice. Keep up the GOOD work. U ROCK lady!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I thought about Terri...and Steve...when I made the video. I pictured them sitting in front of me when I spoke my peace.

The dialogue followed...quite easily. I spoke from my heart...filled with righteous indignation coupled with a strong sense of purpose. And some "awareness" about which I will not elaborate on.