Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let's Be Real

To My Readers: This post is directed at specific individuals. They will recognize themselves when they read my words. The rest of you are obviously not in this category. Be grateful that you aren't.

To say that I am disgusted would be a short assessment.

Not one of you corrupt harridans has ever treated finding Kyron as anything more than some freakish, social hobby. And now that I see you all for what you really are, I am comforted by the fact that God and karma will eventually deal with you.

You stupid, black-hearted fools.

You took what could have been a very beneficial arrangement (for Kyron) and totally messed it up the other night.

You've chased each other around in idiot circles for months and you're no closer to finding Kyron than you were on Day One.

It was I, who suggested that you start holding those vigils across from Terri's parents house. Read THIS.

While some of the participants meant well, there are others who have proven to be a disgraceful and macabre waste of time.

And the other night, the stench of bullshit got so bad that I turned everything off and got away from it. Then I went to work on a project to help find Kyron. On my own.

You who tried to pull a stunt the other night, didn't get far. And you never will. Not with me, you won't.

Roll your creaking, "crime-fighting" caravan down another road. I know what you are really up to and I won't have it anywhere near my name...not in any way, process or form.

Hell, no!

It is unconscionable, that you could be so vile, as to exploit a vulnerable young boy like that. But I guarantee you, that which you sow, you shall also reap. And when the payback impacts your home, your employment and your family...remember, it is YOU who once had the chance to do the right thing. YOU chose not to.

I choose to honestly help Kyron.

Back when word of his disappearance first hit my ears...while I was walking away from a rest area...and onto an Interstate...I decided that if I could help Kyron, I would.

I have been dedicated to the cause, ever since.

More than you know.

And while I've been on the, there and back again...I've filed these posts. This group of posts is, by no means, all-inclusive. The list of posts (to date, there are 120) that I have published about Kyron, in this blog, is just too long to share here. But you can read every one of the posts by browsing through the archives:

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*The "Terri Moulton Horman Facebook Page" post was published, in this blog, on June 23, 2010.*

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So go ahead and wave your banners and collect soundbites like media marbles inside a jelly jar. You'll just continue to treat the situation and it's criminal connection, like a church social.

And that is not at all what this is about.

THIS is about giving enough of a damn to stick your neck out and put your nose in.

Instead of huddling together like cutesy, little club members on a Roseburg, Oregon street corner...

...You should all be standing firm in silence, with candles glowing...staring for all your worth at Terri's folks house...for a good long time...before leaving the first of many clear, succinct the front door...

...You should stand in a group of many, many people...strong, quiet, focused and dead serious...

And return, as a committed group...again and again and again...

At this point...

...There are only two things left, that will run this situation to the finish line: Anger and Justice.

One will work perfectly with the other.

Justice is the machine and Anger is the fuel.

And so it goes.

(This graphic was made by Angela Mcbryde, who is also involved in the search for Kyron. It is the funniest damn thing that I have seen in days!)

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