Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LulzSec, Will You Help?

This is a valid and sincere request and it is directed to LulzSec:

This Is What Gave Me The Idea

More Information

You've cracked the code to the CIA (aka "Crazy, Idiotic Assumptions") website. That's really amazing.

Now you're looking for another target...and I have a suggestion:

Perhaps you could put your expertise to good use and help open some cracks in the Kyron Horman missing child case, too.

Communication between certain people, especially online, could be crucial to finding that boy alive or finding out what happened to him.

Communication that maybe YOU could intercept.

Am I suggesting that you do something illegal?

I am suggesting that you do what law enforcement has not been able to do for over a year now: Find some real clues that will lead us to where Kyron is.

And I assume that you can read between the lines here. Interception could lead to Information which could then lead to bringing Kyron back.

Just look around my blog and I'm sure that you will figure out how you can help us find that little man that so many of us love.

Please consider this.

Ruth Rader

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