Monday, June 13, 2011

Toss The Garbage, Then Tell The Truth

You ever pull out a sack of garbage and notice bits of trash still sticking in a mysterious goo at the bottom of the pail?

Well, that pretty much sums up the composition of Terri Moulton Horman's my opinion, anyway.

And it is her attorney, Steve Houze, who is attempting to clean up the mess with his bare hands.

No, he isn't wearing gloves. But Steve apparently doesn't mind getting up close and personal with the scum.

He probably thinks that the 30 pieces of blood-money silver that he got paid for the job is worth it.

Don't you, Steve?

In any case, I believe that it's time for Terri to face someone her own size. So I am offering an open invitation to Terri:

Terri, you are welcome to come to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and tell me, to my face, what you really did on June 4, 2010. The only qualifier is that you have to tell the whole truth and leave nothing out.

You owe that to Kyron.

And Steve, if you want to tag along and take notes, you go right ahead.

I dare you. that a garbage truck that I hear?


Ruthie In The Sky said...

Terri is not afraid of anything. Because she is a BIG girl.
That's why she picked on a little boy and now lives with her mommy and daddy.
But that's okay, cuz Terri has bad, old Steve to protect her.
But you don't mind, do you, Steve?
After all, what's one young boy's life next to the jingle bling in your pocket?
Pennsylvania is waiting.

Old King Sol said...

You don't honestly think she's ever going to read this, do you? :-? You might want to send it to her (or "Steve") directly, if you haven't already done that I mean. If you have, congrats! :-)

For my own self, I think Terri sold him to a pedophile friend of hers. Maybe not even "sold", she could have been tired of dealing with him (as the "inconvenienced step-parent" can sometimes selfishly be) and just provided the opportunity needed for the man to take him.

Either way, it's a terrible case. Would be nice if she found out about & accepted your challenge. ;-)

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Oh, it's an open challenge, KS.

But I am no longer in PA. In fact, today I am in Illinois.

But I am heading for the Missouri border.

Missouri, however, is not my final destination.

Steve Houze knows who I am. And I am quite certain that Terri Moulton (almost not a Horman) does, too.

I would love to meet Terri. I think that we could have a civil conversation. Well, as much as I could have with Her Crazy Bitchiness.

I'm available. She has but to only connect with me.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

You now see that I have posted that very article in this blog, too.

Houze just wants money...Terri's ass won't appeal to him, forever. He doesn't really give a damn about Terri, herself, at all.

And as time goes on, niether will Kiara.

Terri's a LOSER!!


Ruthie Rader said...

It is now July 2012...and the offer stil stands.