Monday, June 06, 2011

What To Do With Washington's Wiener


[Congressman Anthony Weiner's escapades have now reached Wikipedia . Scroll down the page on their site and read it.]

Most of us have a fairly good idea of where the balls are in Washington DC. NOW, thanks to Congressman Tony, we all know where the wiener is, too!

Tony Shalhoub sometimes plays a detective who pretends to be stupid. But the detective, Monk, is actually very smart.

Tony Weiner sometimes plays a congressman who pretends to be smart. But he is actually a dickhead who's very, very stupid.


Identifying an individual for who he really important. Because whatever got Anthony Weiner into his position in Congress, should never, ever happen again!

Therefor, I suggest that someone should make it his or her sacred mission to publish a new book: "The Voter's Guide To Identifying Potential Wieners." The book could then be issued as required reading to every person who registers to vote. And it could also be strongly suggested to everyone who plans to help put an individual into the United States political system.

This is just going to have to be done, people. I mean, Anthony Weiner is wearing suits (when he chooses to be fully-clothed) and is being paid a tidy sum of money.

But while his constituents have been doing their best to remain financially solvent on a daily basis...Congressman Weiner has been sending pictures of his schnitzel to unfortunate women all over the Country!

My gosh, not even Hugh Hefner has ever done that!

And then there's the "EWWW" factor to consider, here:

Congressman Weiner looks like he carries a wuss-icle. I mean, really! Heck, if he was stripped-down, I'd probably find more manliness on Don Knotts!

(Now there's a visual for you)

It's bad enough that we had to recently put up with the likes of Charlie Sheen. But Tony "Hey-Sweetie-Lookit-My-Weenie" is just too much! Every torture has to eventually meet its end-point.

In fact, since Charlie Sheen and Tony Weiner both like Twitter so much, I suggest that they be banished to a remote island, somewhere. And as a sentence for their jackass behavior, they should both be forced (via satellite link) to send genital photo-tweets to each other for the rest of their lives.

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Ruthie In The Sky said...

Oh, you know that I love Barney...*LAUGH* I ALWAYS love Barney. Yep, yep! ;-D
As for Anthony...I think that he should be tied in a body-sized condom and sent to Thailand. Or forced to pick up cigarette butts in a DC park, wearing a t-shirt that says: "I sexted my wiener and now I can't even get it between the buns."