Friday, July 08, 2011

Facebook Event: Justice For Caylee!, Updated

Facebook Event: HONK! If you want justice for Caylee!

Visit the event on Facebook (See the link above) and tonight...Honk Your Horn for one minute for Caylee...let her hear it up in 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT and 4pm PT.

Unite to let people know that little Caylee deserves better than to see her mommy walk away free after killing Caylee.

WE know that Casey had something to do with her daughter's death.

People are being asked to do this to raise awareness for Caylee Anthony's cause. Justice For Caylee!



Here is the official declaration from the Boycott Casey Anthony Facebook Page:

"As angry as we are about the verdicts on the top 3 counts and the obvious lack of seriousness with which the jury performed their jobs, Casey Anthony walks July 13. We the people now hold the power to either make her or to shun her and thereby send a message to her and to the jurors and to the world at large. Close your wallet and don’t purchase anything featuring images and/or articles about her. Don’t spend a cent on anything in which she is involved. That’s pretty simple, really. If she is on TV or radio, watch and listen and write down the sponsors and then boycott them all. And, let them know that you are doing that. They will hear you. You have the power to make them listen to you by withholding your money. Let the networks and publications all know that you won’t purchase from ANY company or enterprise that is featured or buys time. NONE. They will hear you as well. People forget that it is their money that enables people like Casey Anthony and her family to go around and collect, like beggars, the money they cannot otherwise obtain. They are willing to sell out a dead granddaughter who was brutally murdered by their daughter to make money. So, that is what they perceive to be a reward. Withhold it and send a message. If people don’t purchase anything with any connection to any of the Anthonys and friends and attorneys and family members, they will not be featured. It really is that simple. We have to buy to make it worthwhile for the company in question, whatever it is, to pay them. If we don’t buy, they won’t feature these people. Think of it not just as buying power but as shunning power as well. A very strong message, indeed. In our money-loving and capitalist system it is the spending and withholding of money that sells or does not sell everything made available to us. The Casey Anthony group needs to learn a lesson from all of us. Repeatedly, relentlessly and consistently. Just do it, as Nike says. Starting today. And, spread the word so others will do so as well. No money for them…any of them…today or ever."

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