Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From My East Coast Friends...

This was just posted by one of my friends, on Facebook, who has dealt with Hurricane Irene's bad behavior, recently:

"I am on day 4 of no power here in beautiful Bridgeport, CT. It sucks lemons so badly! Come on United Illuminating! Get you ass here 3 days ago & give us the power of light! Damn I`m so not paying that bill!"

"We do have hot water, thank goodness. But it is back to being hot & humid. Last night we were able to cook something. Whatever we had in the fridge has gone bad already. I wont buy groceries till we have power back on. No air in the house. Sometimes I can`t sleep because it`s so hot. It`s like a race against the sun to get things done while there`s still light outside. thank goodness it gets dark a little later right now."

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