Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Mission's Major Mistake

As most of you know, I am a fairly tolerant person. After all, I wear a silver ring on my right hand that bears the inscription: "Love is patient, Love is kind, Love never ends."

But today, my patient reached its limit.

I have been planning to get housing in a small town city here in Nebraska. But I needed a place to stay for about a week while the paperwork got processed and my money came in.

So some well-meaning people sent me up here to stay at a so-called "Rescue" Mission.

And when I got here, I ran right into a pack of redneck, sexually-repressed, gender-biased, horses asses that have the unmitigated gall to refer to themselves as Christians.

I put up with their asinine line of thinking for as long as I could.

And then came today.

For some bent, twisted reason, this band of idiots has decided that the path of the poor to God requires a barrier between the genders that must be a holy-roller mile wide.

Get this:

One of the guys at the Mission decided to take my roommate and I to a church service this morning. We all piled into his car, along with his two young daughters and a regular from the street and went to church.

I repeat: We. Went. To. Church!

Afterwards, we returned in the guy's car.

When we walked into the Mission, we were "greeted" by the most pathetic excuse for a Spiritual Advisor that has probably ever been dumped into a staff seat in a Mission, anywhere in the Country!

We were still basking from the glow of the service when this moron opened up his mouth and started to rant.

"You had no business attending church today with that man." He declared.

And so began the damage that may take a long time to undo.

Let me clarify here that the damage wasn't done to me. It was done to that father, my roommate and especially, those two young girls.

This "man" ran his mouth for fifteen-minutes like a unsanitary sewer...stinking and continuing to flow, out of control.

He told us, to our stunned faces...that we weren't supposed to "fraternize" with any male who was staying at the Mission. He said that we had broken a serious rule.

As far as I am concerned, HE is the one who broke a serious rule, today.

Did he ever!

If anyone, from our little group, remembers his speech and ultimately decides to forsake God, all together...either now or later in life...who, I ask YOU, will really be guilty of the ultimate sin here?

To assume that I am angry is an understatement.

No one has any right, EVER, to take the dignity away from what we did, today. Any assumption of impropriety is in that maggot's mangled mind. And woe be to him, and again I say WOE...if any permanent damage comes as a result of his disgraceful attitude on this day.

As a result of what happened, I decided to leave. And I have. I know how to get out of here and I know exactly where I am going to.

I have every intention of acquiring the housing offered to me but I will have nothing further to do with the assholes in this community. Enough is too much, at this point. I have better things to do.

To put a cap on this situation, I sent a detailed email to my contact in that other city. He will most likely either read it yet today or at some point, tomorrow.

I can just picture him...reading my words as they are displayed across his computer monitor screen...and putting his head in his hands before crying out, "Oh, my God!"

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Ruthie In The Sky said...

Maybe they should appoint KOKO to make the really "serious" decisions.