Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Part Four

The "shelter manager" opened the door and told me to leave the property. I told him that the shelter is a firetrap. I asked him if he had ever been written-up for City code violations. Then I asked him what the official occupancy rate is for that building.

I said, "Do you realize that if a fire broke out or a fight started inside the building that people would panic? And during the subsequent race for the exit, more people would be trampled to death or die from asphyxiation than would get out alive?"

He said he was going to call the cops.

I told him to go ahead and do that.

"Maybe THEY can find a safe place for me to sleep, tonight" I added.

Sure enough, about ten minutes, they arrived.

One of them, a short, bald guy (why are the short ones always bald?)declared, "If you don't leave the property immediately, you're going to be arrested."

I sat on the porch steps and considered my options.

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