Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Five

Gerald is a widower who lives in a beautiful house that was built in 1901. He has the company of numerous antiques, a lovely backyard garden and five full-grown cats.

I know this because Gerald ended up taking me back to his house that night. We ate food from Wendy's drive-thru and talked for several hours.

Then I immersed myself in a bubble bath while Gerald did my laundry in the machines in the basement. He insisted on washing my clothes, himself.

I slept in the guest room:

That night, a storm ran through central Kentucky and left over 10,000 homes and businesses without power. A related storm tore through central Indiana where a stage
collapsed at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis.

The stage was set-up for a concert with the country singers known as "Sugarland." Over forty people were injured in that mishap and five victims were crushed to death.

Meanwhile, I slept peacefully through it all, in bed, with several cats around me, in Gerald's house.

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