Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part One

I left Lexington on a bus. This is thanks to the generosity of a kind woman and a small church congregation in Lexington. When I was sprung, I was released very fast.

I rode the bus as far as forty-dollars could take me and then disembarked in Elizabethtown, a small city in north-central Kentucky.

The air was hot and despite the humidity, dust swirled everywhere. I sat myself down on a guard rail outside the local "Visitor's Center" and put my thumb out. A guy in a van stopped and picked me up. In between a couple of Diet Dews on ice, a bag of Combos crackers and a deli turkey sandwich, I hitched and rode for the remainder of the afternoon.

Finally, as the sun dissolved into scarlet-tinted clouds, I ended up in the small town of Fordsville. I sat down on the edge of a big sign that was set in a larger base of stone. The sign never did light up.

I sat there, in front of the strangely quiet, volunteer fire station, under a dim mercury vapor light and hoped that I could still be seen.

Shadows in dark pickup trucks rolled slowly past me. People walked by me on the sidewalk and never said a word to me. The moon, bright and full, rose above me. And nobody ever did stop and pick me up there.

Well, no one but a County cop.

He came cruising up and after a short conversation, he drove me to a truck stop in the smaller town of Beaver Dam, Kentucky. The cop's cousin (a very nice lady)works there. She and her co-worker made sure that I got a shower, food and some sleep there.

The next morning, I headed down the road to the city of Owensboro, Kentucky.That's where I met the human personification of the "Addams Family" butler, Lurch.

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