Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Three

Tomorrow I am taking a bus out of this city and I am SOOOOO HAPPY THAT I AM LEAVING.
I totally hate Lexington and I am not all that enamored with the State of Kentucky, either.

I spent the other day, here at the library, updating everything online.

Then, I left when the building closed at 9pm.

According to the rules at the Salvation Army shelter, I couldn't return to that shelter again for another thirty days. This is because I had signed-off (via a form) on that option. I had originally planned to stay just one night in Lexington. But when a line of strong storms rolled in on the day I was going to leave, I changed my mind and stayed in Lexington.

I asked the city transit people if there was another shelter that I could stay at in the area.

They suggested one. I took a city bus there.

When I arrived, I was greeted by an older guy who ushered me in and grabbed my backpack right off of my shoulders. He made a big deal about putting the pack (it's rather large, obviously) in a big, plastic tub with a number on it.

Then I followed him into another room where people were sleeping on inflatable mattresses. Body after body after body lined almost every square inch of floor space.
The man handed me a sheet and a blanket and pointed to a section of the room that was cordoned off by floor-to-cieling curtains and a wall of folding metal chairs.

I attempted to walk into that area and almost stepped on someone's head.

The mattresses were made of a vinyl-type material and over-inflated. The mats were placed right next to each other, with no room to walk, in between them.

The room wasn't lit and I had to search for a moment to find mat that he pretended to be pointing at.

I finally layed down and then an enbriated female almost stepped on MY head!

So I left that so-called "shelter" and walked up to the gas station to get a paper cup of to-go coffee.

Then I brought the coffee back to the shelter.

I sat down underneath the buildings' awning on the porch.

I was half-way through that dose of caffiene when all hell broke loose.


Anonymous said...

A shelter is FREE..if you want luxury then PAY for a motel/hotel room.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Dear Stupid:

I sign my name. Where's yours?

And while you continue to suffer from infantile paralysis of the brain, I will point out the following to you, dimwit:

1. The shelter was nothing more than a human body warehouse.
2. The shelter is a tragedy just waiting to happen.
3. People are worth more than the risk of going to sleep in that facility and never waking up, again.
4. I assume that the shelter is already in violation of more than one City code violation, including one that is directly related to the fire marshall.
5. That guy doesn't deserve to be paid one red cent for his irresponsible negligence.
6. Screw-Off.