Monday, August 08, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Two

“I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”--Gandhi

I have been on the road, going through an amazing experience, since the second week of May. Between May and August, I have hitchhiked from Wilmington, North Carolina to Wilmington, Ohio and from Portland, Oregon to Billings, Montana. Then from Wilmington, Ohio to where I am today: Lexington, Kentucky.

Many miracles have taken place as I have traveled, including: Getting hotel money from a congregation who held their entire service in Spanish. Being picked up by a man who took me back to his house in a beautiful rural area where I spent that night in peace.

He was a total gentleman.

As opposed to the old fart pervert who attempted to take advantage of me at his house in Livingston, Montana. I turned that whole situation around and made him drive me from his house all the way to Billings, Montana.

I have met a nice cop who arranged for me to get a motel room when the weather got too hot. And I have met cops who just told me to pick up my pack and start walking.

I have eaten a great dinner at a truck stop in Spokane, Washington and then got yelled at for eating two small pieces of angel food cake (after not consuming anything for over 24 hours)in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

I have connected to wi-fi in a library where the signal was weak and the access to websites was severely limited. And I have used the wi-fi in other libraries where the signal was excellent and web access was wide open.

Parkersburg, West Virginia and Portland, Oregon have proven themselves to be useless to me.

But other cities and towns have been very helpful.

The shelter that I stayed in last night is run by Black bigots who should be smacked once for their attitude and once more for their stupidity.

I have a new destination in mind and I am heading for it, now.

And I'll give you a hint:

I will hitchhiking through Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois,
and Missouri before I reach my destination.

Because I have been so busy, I have been unable to keep up with this blog. I have been bouncing from a guard rail by a corn field to a motel room that smells like curried the blink of an eye.

I have woke up in a house that was so unfamiliar that I had to hunt for a light switch. I've curled up in an old blanket to avoid the cold at a northern rest area in a high elevation. And I have blistered my skin (especially my nose) by an on ramp when the heat index was 110F.

I have been dismissed by some religious people and blessed by others.

Sometimes I have been sweaty and dirty and other times I have met the road, freshly showered and well fed.

I have laughed in a tub filled with luxurious bubbles and other times I have sat on my pack because my body was too sore and tired to stand, anymore.

I have eaten gourmet chocolates with fresh fruit. And there have been days where I've eaten nothing.

I have been ignored and passed by. And I have been a one-woman sounding driver after driver has told me his or her story. I have prayed for some drivers and
flipped-off others.

I have been welcomed into some people's cars, homes and hearts in some communities. And I have been insulted and almost hit by hateful drivers in other towns.

But through it all, I have never been forgotten by God. He remembers me every day.

Many of the people that I share conversations with believe that the world as we know it is going to start changing soon. I believe that the change has already begun.

My Country is morphing into something that I feel will result in its inevitable destruction. And I wish that wasn't true. But I believe that it is.

The United States of America is unraveling.

And in the distance, I hear the strong, serious ringing of Hells bells, sounding the death knell.

It's amazing to hear the same words repeated by women with kids strapped in minivans. And by men in SUV's, dressed in crisp shirts and high-dollar heels. And by John Deere-clad farmers and naturally cynical truckers.

The USA as we've known it, is dying.

I have been all over this Country: From Maine to Florida to Texas to North Dakota to Southern California to Alaska. I have been up-close and personal with my birthright. I'm Yankee to the bone and I have enjoyed a sincere love affair with the USA.

But what I have felt affection for and cherished for all of these years is vanishing.

I know how it's happening and who is responsible.

But I have no idea how to stop it.

Video Taken Today In Lexington, Kentucky:

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