Friday, August 26, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Notes From This Morning:

The flag in front of the police station in this small town city has a big swatch of yellow ribbons attached to the pole underneath the flag.

The windows of the local "cop shop" are mirrored and reflect the outside view and not so much of the inside of the building.

This is the land of pickup trucks, agriculture, conservative Republicans and FOX News.

The man in charge at the shelter said that I could sit here and wait for the library to open for the day. The library is located directly across the street from the police station.

I find that to be rather amusing.

The mission staff here has been very nice to me, so far. I have my own room with a A/C and a private bathroom (shower, included). The folks have been gracious enough to let me stay here while another small town city in Nebraska processes my paperwork.

When all is said and done, I will have my own apartment in that other town. And the mission THERE will help me with acquiring furniture, household items, food, clothing and other support.

That will mean that I will finally be settled for the Winter.

I will be staying in THIS city until next Thursday. Then I will take my money and myself and scoot back to my new home.


My laptop has died. But that is okay. I will use the library computer here until next Thursday and then I'll see if I can afford to get another little Acer laptop.

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