Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Reminder

We have only so many chances in life. And so, most of those chances are precious...and should not be wasted.

I have lived "by chance", for many years.

There is no such thing as a straight, paved, official Interstate in my life.

I prefer an old logging road, overgrown with ferns...or a steep, winding mining road...or a loosely-packed snowmobile path through several feet of snow.

Some people live by the standard highway signs. They enter and exit only as they are instructed.

I don't.

Thank God.

I look around and wonder where, if I take a left instead of a right turn, I will end up next.

The way I see it, if I was never meant to take different turns...the option wouldn't exist.

Thank you, lady from Blackhawk, for rescuing me and leaving with a roll of quarters on that certain stretch of asphalt. Your comprehension of who I am has everything to do with where I am now.

What you did is worth much more than ten-dollars.

Sometimes wisdom walks a priceless line all its own.

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