Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Three

Bob took me out munchies at an all-night diner. We talked and chewed and then he drove me to a quiet country park near Highway 34.

A Halloween project was already taking shape in the field across the road. Five headless scarecrows loomed, like bad ghosts on poles, in the moonlight.

I decided that I was too tired to care. The picnic table awaited my attention.

So I undid my sleeping bag from the backpack, slid into it and fell right to sleep.

I had no idea then just how important that sleep would turn out to be.

The next day, I hitchhiked to Estes Park, which is a artsy-fartsy, yuppie town up in the mountains.

The first thing that the driver pointed to, when we arrived there, was the huge, sprawling white hotel with the red roof.

"That's where Stephen King got the idea to write "The Shining" he said, proudly.

(This update will continue.)

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