Friday, September 02, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I walked back from the library the other day, because I was tired and I was having trouble staying awake there.

I was tired because I had been kept awake the night before by the women in the Mission. Their participation in activities that they should not have been involved in...prevented me from getting a proper rest.

So, I walked back to the Mission. I looked around for Roxanne, who is supposed to oversee the women's shelter...and ran into Pastor Will, instead.

I tried to explain what the women had done. He didn't want to listen. And when Roxanne returned, and I attempted to take her aside and tell her about the previous night's shenanigans, Pastor Will stopped me.

In fact, he didn't just stop me, he made me get my backpack and leave.

It was 91 degrees, with a much higher heat index, when that stupid man sent me away without so much as a bottle of cold water.

I walked over to the Salvation Army and got a bottle of water from them, instead.

Then I trudged down the road until I couldn't walk anymore.

I sat down on a concrete wall, in front of a house and tried to deal with the heat and my own exhaustion. I didn't know how I was going to get up and carry that backpack any further.

A man with a kind smile walked toward me and asked me if I was alright. His wife stood on the porch of the house and smiled at me, too.

Ten minutes later, I was in their rig, heading for another small town city.

They dropped me off at a local police station in that other town where I explained my situation to a cop. He contacted the pastor of a church who ended up taking me to her house for the night.

The lady preacher lives in a big, beautiful home in that area. Later that night, I fell asleep in a big tub filled with warm water, bubbles and Epsom salt.

No one...not the Salvation Army, not the couple who drove me away from Norfolk, not the cop in that other town or the lady preacher understood or condoned what Pastor Will did.

As far as I am concerned, he is an ugly blemish on the face of Christianity.

So saith I.

I will NOT stay at a so-called "Rescue" Mission ever again...either in Nebraska or anywhere else.


Jennifer Nouri said...

Hey girl,
Happy Birthday Keep on truckin!

jennifer nouri said...

I went cross country by myself a couple times (age 19), I brought a small tent with me for those times when I needed a little privacy and rest on the side of the highway. That tent went thru high winds and rain storms and all sorts of abuse. One of my favorite shower stops were boat Marinas, I could find quick cash jobs there too.
I loved the life, did a lot of cool things. Best keep out of the heat until it cools down. Good Luck.