Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ruthie's Room

I left the suite and moved across the hall into my own room, this afternoon.

The room has been totally repainted (walls, ceilings, baseboards, window frames), the lights have been replaced in the room and the private bath, the floor has been replaced in the bath, the shower curtain has been replaced in there, too. The room includes A/C, heat, cable TV, wi-fi (which I will take advantage of when I get my own computer soon) a handicap shower, a nice bed with a big, carved wooden headboard, window treatment, a candlestick lamp, a big wall clock, a desk, a round wooden table, a high-back upholstered chair, a wooden rocking chair and a very large book and knick-knack case.

I also have beautiful knick-knacks, three big, stuffed teddy bears and great books to read.

I am going to go back to my room now and unpack everything. Tomorrow the doctor will see me.

The attention that my left foot will receive tomorrow is long overdue.

Good Night from Colorado.


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