Friday, September 23, 2011

Where Ya Goin', Terri Moulton?

In the past, I extended an invitation to Terri Moulton (almost not a) Horman to meet with me. Anywhere and anytime.

I was serious.

I still am.

So, Terri...are you up for it?

Are you finally going to face me, eyeball to eyeball?


I can hear you saying, "What am I going to get out of it?"



Think about it, Terri...

You will get a chance to tell your entire side of the story and I get an exclusive interview in my blog.

Will people read it?


My original deal included the option to include Steve Houze. That part of the offer still stands. Bring'em if you want'em. He is allowed to talk to you. He is not, however, allowed to say one damn word to me.

He's not my legal representative so I don't have to give him a second out of my day. I've already given him my two cents, metaphorically speaking, and I won't give him a penny more.

We will have to meet in a public place. But we can still rendezvous on the QT.

I invite you to come to Colorado, Terri. Not to circle around me...but to tell the truth.

No, I don't want to meet with YOU, James. Or you either, mommy Carol.

I won't take your crap. I'd rather get a close-up view of Terri's cowardice, instead.

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