Friday, October 28, 2011

The Back Stab And The Bullshit

I discover all sorts of things on the Internet. Overnight (I am typing this out at 3 o'clock in the morning) I came across this:

This is what happened:

I was checking out my tracker when I saw a reference to a message board. I love those hits. Because they usually lead me right back into a conversation where someone mentions me, or my blog, or both.

As interesting reading goes, this one is a doozy. And I enjoy it because it gives me a wonderful opportunity to respond.

The conversation was posted on a message board site called "Justice Quest."

Individual Number One posted: "ruthie has been bsy." (Which I assume means, "Ruthie has been busy.") And then included a link to this recent post in my blog.

(And to respond to that individuals observation, yes, I have been busy. You're darn right, I have!)

Then, Individual Number Two (I am not going to include Individual Number Two's monicker here because I obviously have more couth than THAT person does) posted: "I won't read her blog after her actions towards those who support Kyron."


Individual Number Three asked Individual Number Two what I had done.

Then Individual Number Two posted this response: "backstabbed them pretty brutally."


No. Not really. Not at all.

And shame on you.

I have been tied to the case of that missing young boy since the day that he disappeared.

Some people know that. And what I've done with them (and I'm not referring to anyone who chats with me on Facebook, YouTube or on an online message board) is nobodies business but ours. You, who believe that you know everything that I do...really don't know.

Kyron Richard Horman, an amazing child with a clear future, got a bad deal on June 4, 2010. That bothers me. No cameras at Skyline School that day...a lax security irresponsible office absent-minded teacher...

...and one of Portland, Oregon's coolest young boys...gone.

It didn't just break my heart...Kyron's disappearance pissed me off. It still does.

I've got past all of the other emotions. Now I want to find Kyron and learn the truth, once and for all.

Everything that I've done are actions that "I didn't have" to do. But I knew that they needed to be done and so I answered the call.

I could list all of the actions here...but I won't. A great deal of it is better left in the quiet category.

I am totally aware of the fact that Kyron's disappearance involves criminal activity. And that reality drags a bad element into the a collection of rusted cans...tied to and pulled by an old truck.

And I don't give a rat's ass.

Bring it.

Drop Kyron off at a safe that beautiful boy can finally run up and hug his momma, Desiree.

Then come and pick on someone your own size. I'm ready.

Spit on my credibility all that you want to.

Your lies don't matter to those who know better.

Color over my name with the black marker of your own lies.

But tell the truth about what has happened to Kyron and bring him back home.

That's all that matters now.

If you can't (or won't) do that...then just shut up.

After all, you might as well do SOMETHING useful on Kyron's behalf.



CatToy said...

So post my moniker, not the others? I was giving your site coverage to all the busy work you are doing on the case. Sometimes on IS and also other Boards, your site has come up.

Yes, You've Been Busy Ruthie! But after that I dk what happened to the convo; or where it went. We agree to disagree, look hard at Kaine. Too many have tunnel vision, it's a golen rule in any good investigation. I know you know this. I know; and KH is not ruled out in my book not in ANY WAY. Because I see this as a custody issue, it's highly likely he has Kyron somewhere safe. His words, body language and what they say; tell a different story. AND it's not a story everyone can read. Have a Happy Halloween. But please scrutinize all parents, instead of ONE. Why? You may just be off the mark here. WE all have a right to silence.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Yeah, CatToy, I posted your online name because you started the conversation (and nicely and well-meant by what I can tell) and because I believe we have conversed before (in another incarnation). ;)

We both realize who created the problem and I have yet to hear from that individual.

However, my tracker has racked-up some hits today from the JQ site. So yeehaw, I feel vindicated.

I defy anyone to accuse me of being anything but a staunch supporter of bringing Kyron home and getting to the bottom of what happened to him.

I have no use for Terri Moulton (Almost-Not-A-Horman). In fact, I personally hope that she (figurativly-speaking) crashes and burns in an airplane of her own bad behavior. She prolly will...take it to heart, that woman is her own worst enemy.

As for Kaine Horman, I suggest that you watch the interview tomorrow night on CNN.

Then come back here and give me your take on it. I will be happy to publish your reaction, be it positive or negative.

Your theory that Kaine, himself, has Kyron stashed somewhere, is interesting. I truly believe that Kyron is alive. But I don't think, for one second, that Terri wants anything to do with Kyron. By all accounts, she hates him.

But she loves Kiara. And that fact is what I have been rubbing Terri's nose in for the past few months.

I'm going to continue to do so, until she drops the attitude, gets her dog-and-pony act together, flips-off her lawyer and finally tells everyone the truth.

And then there's her son, James...

In my mind, Terri is not a parent. Not even close. What about the past? The past ended on June 4, 2010 when Terri threw it all away.

Terri has no "right to silence" in this situation. She has an OBLIGATION to reveal what she knows. And that fact, is the truth, no matter how you slice the pumpkin.
Happy Halloween to you, too. :)