Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Missing Baby Lisa Irwin, Updated


At this point, it's obvious that the police are NOT taking a light stance on the disappearance of Baby Lisa Irwin. They are searching for any line in to the truth. And I believe that they are going to find it.

Woe be to the mother, Deborah Bradley, if the cops discover that she's been lying, all along. And that goes double for Baby Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin.

Why do I say that it "goes double" for Jeremy?

Because no matter what Deborah Bradley did...Irwin has the option to tell the truth.

Do I believe that Baby Lisa's parents are connected to her disappearance?


If I am wrong, I will be the first person to issue a point-blank apology. But, I think that I'm right.

This "he said/she said" crap has got to stop. There's a little baby girl involved here!

And I feel that it's time to stop the immature, trailer-trash bullshit and bring that baby back where she belongs! Even, I will add, if that means that Baby Lisa ends up with a responsible family member (other than Irwin and Bradley) or a decent foster family.

Deborah Bradley is nothing but an irresponsible, stupid and way-over-the-top DRUNK!! That much has already been proven.

I wonder how much will have to happen before Bradley faces and deals with her serious problem?

What gets me more than anything else is the realization that she is harming other people much more than she is hurting herself. She's a grown woman and there is no excuse for that. None.

I don't care how much she cries on camera. I'm not buying it.

As Baby Lisa Renee Irwin's father, Jeremy Irwin has the unconditional duty to do whatever he can to get to the truth. And then he has the further responsibility to share what he knows with law enforcement.

If whomever is involved in Baby Lisa's disappearance reads this, then I want to tell you to stop this madness. It's time to set the record straight. If Baby Lisa is alive, then get her back to someone who will love her like she's supposed to be loved. If she is dead, then get your act together, go to the police and tell the truth.

If Baby Lisa had to face death at such a young age, then whatever YOU will face will NEVER match what SHE dealt with.



Someone should give whomever took Baby Lisa a wake-up call!

It has been weeks and we still don't know where Baby Lisa Renee Irwin is, today. We don't...but obviously someone does. Lisa Irwin did not just fly away...somebody either removed her, hid her or just outright took her.

And that somebody has to come forward and tell the truth. Lisa deserves that.

Some people get upset when anyone says anything negative about Deborah Bradley, Jeremy Irwin or a member of their extended family.

But there is a child missing and no amount of excuses has brought Baby Lisa back home, yet.

That is not what is needed now. What is needed and necessary HONESTY.

No more shadows, no more hiding, no more denial. It's time for the right person to step up and bring Lisa back where God really wants her to be: Home.

BREAKING NEWS!!!: 11/04/11: THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER: "When my husband asked her (Deborah Bradley) to go because he was ready to go to bed, she joked, 'Oh, I’ll join you,' and started taking off her blouse!" Sara recalled. "My husband made her leave."

Read The Article HERE !

So the National Enquirer is on Deborah Bradley's tail now, eh?

It appears that Ms. Bradley has made some significant enemies over the years. And they are coming out of the shadows, now. I doubt that they are attacking Bradley's credibility just to make a buck. I bet it goes much deeper than that.

So, I would advise "Mommy Bad Ass" to start talking if she has ANYTHING important to say. Because if she doesn't, then I have a feeling that someone else is going to say it for her.

Do you hear me, Jeremy Irwin?



For a split second, it looked like Jeremy Irwin considered stopping, turning around and saying something. I could almost see the wheels spinning in his head.

KMBC-TV released a video (Click on the link below) this afternoon that shows Jeremy, walking up to the house...and he appeared to have lagged, for a moment, behind everybody else.

It looked to me like Jeremy Irwin was trying to get up the nerve to finally open up his mouth.

Maybe you should, Jeremy. Maybe you should.

11/02/11: KMBC-TV: NEW VIDEO



According to KMBC-TV: The lawyer that Joe Tacopina has brought in to replace Cyndy Short is Kansas City Attorney John Picerno.

You can listen to Picerno's comments, on video and read the accompanying article, HERE.

"One of the reasons we relieved Mrs. Short was because she was holding her own press conferences, making statements to the media, and giving tours of the home that we were finding out about after the fact," the couple said. In addition, they said the FBI informed them Short was not being productive.--10/31/11: REUTERS: BABY CASE BECOMING A CIRCUS.

It makes you wonder, doesn't it? I don't care what "Wild Bill" Stanton, "Taco Joe" Tacopina, Cyndy "Quick Change" Short, Jeremy Irwin or Deborah Bradley have to say. I think that the whole lot of them should be ashamed of themselves.

A beautiful baby girl is gone and all those five people can do is whine, make excuses, throw tantrums and hide. I believe that attorney Cyndy Short's disconnection from the "team" is indicative of a far more serious problem.

And the name of that more serious problem is: "Somebodies Not Telling The Truth."

10/31/11: KANSAS CITY STAR: "Psst! Deb and chose the wrong lawyer"

Taco Joe only cares about making sure that his side "wins." His crocodile concern for Baby Lisa's welfare is nothing but crapola. And until he's willing to keep all of the players in the pack, his brand of "helpful" won't be worth a tinker's damn.

But he still wants to run everything. The jackass.

At the rate that he's going, he might protect his clients. But he's also going to run any chance of finding out what happened to Baby Lisa...right into the ground.

Yeah, Joe likes to much as Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin...don't. But has he established a line of communication with the kidnapper? Has he discovered any hot leads? Is Baby Lisa Renee Irwin sitting in a loving family member's arms, right now?

No, No, and No.

This case is so pathetic, that a person finally created a page on Facebook called: "Deborah Bradley's Conscience."

There's a reason that the person created that page. As I pointed out, in response to the page: "Wrong is rising so high now that even little babies aren't safe, anymore. It's gotten to the point where you either go postal, watch an episode of the "Steve Wilkos" show or create a page like this."

Many of us, in the United States, are getting tired of watching the bad people win. We're fed up.

God help Baby Lisa.

My Poem To Baby Lisa:

~~*Are you cold, Baby?
Or are you safe and warm?
Is someone holding you, Baby?
And keeping you from harm?
Sweet Baby Lisa...
With those pretty bluebell eyes
You are caught between a mystery
And someones evil lies...
I'm praying for you, Lisa
That you won't be alone
May angels find you
And surround you
Until it's time for you to come home.~~*

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Anonymous said...

That little girl is so very pretty and cute. Thank you for helping her. I am trying to in my own way. You sound like a just "good ol' person to me. God bless you.