Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Missing Baby Lisa: My View

According to Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, it all started at the window...

When asked why she wouldn't talk to reporters, recently, Deborah Bradley said, "because we are grieving."

Really? Has somebody died?

So much has happened...so fast.

Cameras, reporters, cops, searchers and cadaver dogs.

What will come out of all of this?

I don't think that Baby Lisa Irwin is ever coming back. That will probably confuse or enrage some people when they read this post.

But I see lawyers pulling the wagons around in a strong, tight circle.

I see the cops chasing after a blurred image that was caught on a surveillance camera. And I also see Baby Lisa's parents, caught in a kind of choreography that whispers in the wind, around them: "Who is guilty...?"

What I don't hear is the truth about what happened. And I don't see a living, breathing Baby Lisa Irwin, anywhere.

Because Lisa is gone.

I think that the only thing that her family is going to be left with, if nobody talks, is cruel regret.

And I believe that regret, compared to a beautiful baby girl, is NEVER worth keeping.




Ruthie In The Sky


Anonymous said...

You really don't know anything, yet you see fit to accuse Lisa's mother of a crime? How dare you judge someone you don't even know. Have you any children? Have you ever experienced losing a child? Probably not, you just decide that Lisa's mother is guilty (of what exactly?). What law do you live by? Guilty until proven innocent? Lisa's mother has not been arrested for anything, so keep your uninformed opinions to yourself, witch.

Ruth Rader said...

Actually, I know lots of things. And um, there are many people who hold the same opinion that I do, about the disappearance of Baby Lisa.

I live by the law that states, "Thou shalt not make a sweet Baby girl vanish and then do nothing to bring her back, safe and alive, again."

You blindly state that "Lisa's mother has not been arrested for anything." Neither has Terri Moulton...yet.

I will continue to express my opinions ( and share all available facts ) as much as possible, with everyone. While you quickly scurry back underneath the rock from whence you came...and hide once again.