Monday, October 10, 2011

Three "big" Questions

As Autumn advances across the Country, I wonder:

1.) Will the "Occupy Wall Street" aka "Outrageous While Stupid" people move indoors or to the far Southern United States? Or will the OWS idiots band together and brave the first, serious Nor'easter when it hits New York City? I mean, really now...will any of those protesters occupy Wall Street when the wind chill drops to -20F below zero?

2.) How long will Sir Paul McCartney's latest marriage last, THIS time? His new bride sure is beautiful and she is even a second-cousin to Barbara Walters. And if the future brings even a hint of trouble in the new McCartney's paradise, you KNOW that Barbara will be watching!

3.) WHY does anybody want to wear a Charlie Sheen mask this Halloween? I watched Charlie in the roaster, recently. And I think that those who wear a C.S. mask this year better put their butt in a sling, as well. If they really want to be truly authentic Charlie imitators, that is.

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