Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Words Will Remain...Updated

NOTE TO MY READERS: The video (above) is the new, updated version. As you will see, some parts were added and some parts were taken out. However, the main message in the video remains intact. Despite the changes, I have still managed to get my point across. And actually, I think that the photos and the music are a nice touch.

Don't you agree, Terri?

(And you, Ms. Moulton, Almost-Not-A-Horman, can eat the middle finger on both of my hands.)


I made and posted a Halloween video to Terri Moulton Horman, late last night. The video went on YouTube, early this morning and as of an hour ago, YouTube pulled it.


They tried to say that it was filled with "hate speech." Considering who the video is directed at, I consider YouTube's designation to be a compliment. YOU HEAR THAT, GOOGLE?! SCREW YOU!

You just wait until Terri is nailed in a court of law, Google. Because it IS going to happen. You just wait until the truth comes out about what that woman did. When she is convicted, I am going to redo that video and post it on YouTube, again.

And when it is officially proven that she is the monster that many people believe that she is...are you still going to expect people to treat her with gentle gloves?


You made a mistake, Google. You should have left the video in place.

I am seriously considering making a replacement that will include a message explaining what happened to the first one. Then I will amend my words but not the point behind them.

Today, I am disgusted with you, Google. When the Kyron Horman case is settled, I hope you end up looking very stupid.

The GOOD citizens of this Country don't have one comforting thing to say to anyone who harms a child. Shame on YOU!!!


[Well, well...Terri Lynn Moulton almost-not-a-Horman.

What are you going to do this Halloween?

I have my witch hat. Where’s yours?

Oh, yeah, that’s right…YOU won’t be wearing a witch hat on October 31. A BITCH hat
has already been designed for you. Yeah, a big CRAZY BITCH hat is just waiting on the
rack for you to put on.

So, are you going to pass out treats to the kids this year, Terri? Huh? Are ya?

Is little Kiara going to be with you…all dressed-up in a cute, little costume…holding onto
your hand as you both run up to an open door in the porch light?


Why not, Terri?

Ohhh, wait a minute…Kiara won’t be collecting candy with YOU this year, will she?

Kiara is
going to share HER goodies with Kaine.

Ha, ha, ha!!

Maybe Kaine will carve a pumpkin and share some candy corn with Kiara.

Do you think that
Kiara will wonder where YOU are, this Halloween?

Bet she won’t.
Trick or Treat, Terri. I hope a chunk of bad apple gets stuck in your throat. Hey, a witch can

I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ruthie,

It's a shame they pulled this because I really enjoyed is really sad that the rights of Kyron is less important than the rights of his step? (i don't even want to write the word) since she was never one to him...keep it up Ruthie and wish we knew if Kyron was at least with this angel!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I am in the process of finding another source to host the video (which I still have) and if I find one, I will repost the video here.

Your reasoning is sound, Juli. And I can clip off the part about her choking on a chunk of bad apple. (Although, if she actually did, you wouldn't find me calling 911).

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Hello, Anonymous...

Yes, I think Google overreacted in this case, big time.

The day that we all can't call a spade a spade (when it is really damned obvious that someone is much more than a garden tool) online is the day that we may as well shut down the Internet.

Kaine Horman, himself, said that he fears that Kiara saw Terri do something "horrible" to Kyron. And the media printed THAT!

And Google went after me for putting up that video?


Screw Google.