Thursday, December 01, 2011

Before They Dip Into The Well...

Was she left alone
Where no one cared?
Was she scared
Down that lonely dirt road?

Did she cry for hours
By those power lines and towers
Where no one whispered a prayer?
Did her little hands reach out
Into the cold, empty air?
What happened down there?
On that lonely dirt road?

And how many flowers
Will we have to plant
To make the evil go away?
How will we ever repay
The debt that might be owed?
For what may have happened
To Lisa that day...
By that lonely dirt road?

Lisa Irwin's family wants the prayer-warriors to go away. They don't want any more prayer vigils in front of their home.

And yet, if they are innocent of any wrongdoing, it would seem that they would want all of God's angels around them, right now. But they evidently don't.

Even after all of the evil that has apparently made its presence known in and around their house...they don't want God to draw nigh unto them. Anymore than they seem to want to draw nigh unto God.

I wonder what they are really hiding from?

Do they honestly think that blinds and walls and a locked door will keep reality out?

Oh, those fools!

Too much has transpired for me to believe that Deborah Bradley had nothing to do with Lisa Irwin's disappearance. And Jeremy Irwin is much too silent for a father who truly loves his daughter and really wants her back.

It's obvious that their lawyered-up camouflage isn't working. We can see through it.

This is the time of year when many of us cherish children and celebrate the mortal birth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus, at one point, slept in a crude cradle filled with straw. I wonder, as I listen to the cold wind blowing outside the window, where Baby Lisa Renee Irwin is resting her sweet head, tonight?

And who (never mind the charlatan psychics...unless one of them participated in the actual crime) will put the pieces of truth together?

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