Tuesday, November 22, 2011

End Of Summer: Robin

I met Robin on the road.

I was hitchhiking by the side of a ramp in Colorado. Robin came around the bend in his pickup truck and stopped.

He took me to a place that he owns in Grand Junction, Colorado. I stayed there for about six weeks.

I had my own room, which was big and included cable TV, wi-fi and my own bathroom. I also had my meals made for me and my mail delivered right to my door.

So-called "professionals" came out of the wood work and convinced me to sign a pile of paperwork. Robin gave me this laptop and it was understood that I was going to stay there, permanently.

But I didn't like it and I eventually left.

Robin sent me an email that I never read. I didn't see the point in it.

But for the record, this is why I left:

1.) There was too much underlying drama in that arena. I got tired of dealing with it and feeling its vibration around me.

2.) Cigarettes. I never should have been exposed to them, there, period. A place like that should be entirely smoke-free. And the suggestion that I move to another room, in another building, in order to get away from some of it, was ludicrous. And the idea pissed me off.

3.) It was too expensive. After paying my rent, I didn't have enough money to buy a new
bra, or get my hair cut or buy a new pair of gloves. The day that I got money, again, I acquired everything that I needed. And I walked out of the store with a feeling of satisfaction that I hadn't felt in weeks.

4.) Robin got too busy to discuss everything with me. I got tired of trying to communicate
with him through a four-person filter. When his wife said, "If we let you do it, then every other resident is going to want to do it, too"...the tie that I had with Robin began to disconnect. In the end, he lost me.

To this day, I believe that he has no idea what he did wrong. But then, what more could I expect from a man that never opened his hand when I wanted him to shake mine?

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