Sunday, November 20, 2011

SHUT UP, YouTube!

One True Media gave me a list of songs to use on a little video that I made in honor of the Fourth of July 2011. It is called "Happy Birthday, America." It is a greeting card to my Country. It has been on YT ever since. In November 2011, YouTube sent me an email and told me that the song that I chose for my video is connected to a copyright infringement. Therefor, the video, for some mystical reason, is no longer able to be viewed in Germany. The song that I chose is, "America The Beautiful." This time, the copyright cops on YouTube have gone too far.

Which is why I appreciate videos like this:


sue said...

YouTube isn't the one who made that copyright law. The infringement law is apparently from Germany, and YouTube is merely enforcing it. YouTube doesn't make copyright laws, it enforces them. If YouTube didn't do this, they themselves could be shut down by government(s) for allowing copyrighted materials to be on the internet.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you for your comment, sue. However, I disagree with you.
I hardly think that One True Media would provide a list of music to accompany my video that would run into a copyright wall, anywhere in the world. That would make no sense.
YouTube featured One True Media, which is how I first found them.
Now you are telling me that the very entity that they endorsed, is being irresponsible with the choice of music that it offers its members to use on their videos?
I don't believe that.
This isn't the only example of balderdash censorship that YouTube has foisted on me and many other people.
Screw YouTube. A new provider needs to emerge and punch this whole problem in the nose.
I will be really happy when that happens. I would love a new video site to emerge that will offer what I need and take YouTube down a few notches, at the same time.
This kind of crap is what happens when an entity like YT becomes a virtual monopoly on the Internet.
So saith I.

sue said...

At the bottom of the website for One True Media is a terms of use link. This explains in a lot of detail about how they follow all copyright laws, including international. Apparently whoever posted that song you used, had violated copyright in Germany. It caught up with One True Media and they probably sent YouTube the info. Don't take it personally, actually the problem was with whoever put that song on One True Media, and probably that person didn't know about the copyright issue either. I am sure this happens alot.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

First of all, Sue, I am sure that One True Media checked every song on its list before posting it. Because, as you can see by my new video, that particular version of the song STILL EXISTS ON THEIR VIDEO LIST!! Duh!

Second, there are a whole slough of videos on YouTube that include the song, "America The Beautiful." Are all of those videos banned in Germany, too?

I bet they aren't.

Third, which is my main point here, I really don't think that this has anything to do with a copyright issue. Nope. I think that it goes beyond that. It smacks of something else.

But as long as the music list on One True Media, the very video service that YouTube endorses, remains intact, with no changes, then somebody at YouTube has some major explaining to do.

Beyond that, clamping any kind of a block down on a nice little patriotic video like mine is ludicrous.