Sunday, November 20, 2011

Outrage Before Giving Thanks


I got an email the other day. And I hope that the writer reads this post. She echoes so many other people, these days. So I have decided to share her words with my readers:

"I live in Wa. State, where as I'm sure you know, we have an ugly case of yet another missing baby. This is happening not only in my state, but where I grew up. I am absolutely mortified. Since this, I have been online, reading, and many similar cases have been brought to my attention, Lisa Irwin being one of them, my stomach has been in knots for weeks, I feel overwhelmed with the want to help, and the need to find the answers, why are these mothers killing their babies?? That is exactly what my gut tells me is happening to these poor children. How can this be prevented from happening again? I want to make a stand, I want to help, I just don't know where to begin. Can you offer any suggestions? What has happened to humanity when a mother is responsible for the intentional death of her child, and our government does nothing??? Are you aware of the Casey Anthony story? I AM OUTRAGED!!!"

I am outraged too, dear email writer. I won't share your name here because I haven't gotten your permission to do so. And because I consider email, in most cases, to be a private correspondence between two individuals.

But, yes, I am outraged, too.

I saw young people get a face full of pepper spray while they were protesting, peacefully, the other day. It reminded me of THIS .

And I'll deliver this warning, now: Many years have passed since that massacre on May 4, 1970. But if the lesson from that day has been forgotten...then woe be to the ones who will have to learn it all over again.

I stand on the side of the road and shiver. And as every vehicle passes by, I wonder what has happened to humanity. While some people camp near the box stores and wait to spend their money on Friday morning, I struggle to just to keep warm.

Yes, I am outraged.

The so-called "rescue/gospel" missions offer a frown or a plastic smile when I walk in. So I won't walk in their doors, anymore. I believe that people deserve an alternative to the mission's "holy" bullshit.

The missions believe that I am poor because I am a defective human being. They don't want me to talk to the men there, or wear my own clothes to bed, or eat my own food, or listen to my own music or worship my Higher Power in my own way or speak my mind. They especially don't want me to speak my mind. To them, I am poor and dependant...therefor I have no right to a valid opinion of my own.

Yes, I am outraged.

The dismissal of the real value of human beings, is so absolute in this Country now...after a hard, cold slap in the face of what has been considered truly sacred since the Declaration Of Independence...that women are getting away with killing their babies, children are going missing, protesters are being sprayed and beaten and people keep passing me by on a cold, lonely highway.

Our Country is losing its conscience.

And that is why I am outraged.

Thank you for your email, my friend.

This is what I sent in response to the above-listed email: "You asked me for a suggestion. My answer is very simple: Love.

We all need to give and receive more love.

Parents need to love their children. People need to love their
neighbors. Communities need to love
any good person who walks through their town.

Love~it's what turns the heart light on and keeps it burning bright.

Share your candle today."


Anonymous said...

i have been reading ABOUT THE KILLING OF THE INNOCENT...and, my heart just feel's so very sick. i want to take a stand and demand our laws give justic for the children who had no right to say i want to live. why should any adult be allowed to live and do what ever makes them happy(notice i said happy)if they were amy kind of human with feelings they would never laugh or want to get back to normal. how on Gods green earth after you kill anyone but... innocent blood. could you live with your self look at others in the face. when you are nothing but a cold blooder killer.and our laws have and are allowing a ln# to kill the innocent. this is what america has become lawless and only protecting the rights of the guilty. we need to demand protect our babies and our children... give justic to our most helpless the children/babies.change the law and stop the murdere's.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you for your comment, Anonymous. You echo the growing sentiments of many people...good, decent folks who are beginning to feel like the rights of children are being wrenched away. Honey, those rights aren't fact, they never will be. As long as people like you exist and speak out...there will still be hope for America's children. But we must be vigilant and fight for them. God bless you for your good heart. Stay close and connected to whomever is doing the right thing for the children in your community. And you will always be an angel that is very important to those kids...and to all of us in the United States.