Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ruthie In The Sky, Update--Part Five

It was chilly but the sun was still shining in the early morning sky.

I walked through the quiet community of Pine Bluff, Nebraska and then I got a ride from a man with a very long beard.

The man turned-out to be a total charlatan. By that I mean, he told me that he needed to go a social service person in the town that he drove me to. He said that he could drive me on to Sidney, Nebraska but that he needed money for gas.

So we went to the source and he got twenty-dollars to drive me to Sidney. On the way to Sidney, he stopped at a bar in a small town called Potter. He bought me lunch and had three glasses of beer.

Suddenly, I had a problem.

And after his guard came down, he revealed the wad of cash that he'd had stuffed in his wallet the whole time. He never really needed money for gas. He just used me as a convenient excuse to get more cash for beer.

I got disgusted with the guy and I let him know it.

After a serious tongue-lashing from me, he became contrite. Then he carefully drove me the rest of the way to Sidney, Nebraska.

We parted ways and I got twenty-dollars from a lady at the Salvation Army and the rest of the ticket from the City of Sidney. And that ticket got me on a shuttle bus to North Platte, Nebraska. (My teddy bear, "Tour Guide", was stolen from me the last time that I there, so I hate that city.)

But I went there, anyway.

I stayed upstairs, in the women's dorm, overnight where I had to sleep in an overstuffed chair. Yes, after riding on a bus all night, then sleeping off-and-on at a rest area, I now had to sleep in a chair. With a pillow and a blanket.

This is because the women's dorm was crammed full. But I still managed to get a bite to eat, do a load of laundry and take a shower before I drifted off to sleep in the chair. The next morning, the case manager drove me out to the highway and just like that, I was on the road, again.

A succession of rides took me to the side of a rural highway where the sun was beginning to set.

A man stopped his truck, picked me up and said that he would like to take me to Hastings, Nebraska.

I spent the night in a mission shelter in that city. I spent more nights in Hastings but not in the mission. Instead, I met what will be my winter home, beginning late next month.

I plan to get my key on Christmas Eve.

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