Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Four

A woman in a minivan, drove around the corner and stopped. Her daughter slid the window down and the woman called to me.

I took the opportunity when it came.

Later that night, I was on a bus heading for Cheyenne, Wyoming. The woman and her husband bought me the ticket and I arrived in Chy-town late the following morning.

I walked down to the ramp and stood (or sat on my pack) in the cold wind for six-and-a-half hours (yes, I did!). Finally, a man stopped his rig and picked me up. He stopped at Mickey D's in the next town and got me some road food. Then he dropped me off at a rest area near Pine Bluff, Nebraska.

I asked him to call the cops and let them know that I was there. That was a safety action.

The cop came. The cop left. And I finally locked myself in the big, family bathroom. Then I covered my backpack in its protective plastic cover, sat on it, leaned against the wall, closed my eyes and fell right to sleep.

Early the next morning, the caretaker arrived and woke me up. He was friendly and I appreciated that. I cleaned-up as best that I could, changed some clothes and headed to a nearby convenience store. I bought some hot coffee and a sandwich. After that first wonderful sip of joe, my morning officially began.

Little did I know then just how complicated that day would be.

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