Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Two

The shelter in Cedar City, Utah is posh. That is the truth.

I ate, showered and slept in a nice, clean place. And I was the only woman in the ladies' dorm.

The shelter closed during the day, so I spent my daytime hours at a library where nobody limited the bandwidth.

Two days later, the IT guy invited me to lunch with he and his wife. It would have been alright except for the fact that his wife is a total bitch. I tolerated it for about ten-minutes and then I quietly let them both have it. After making myself clear, I walked out of the restaurant.

The IT guy, minus his wife, drove me back to the library. He said that he was sorry but I could see that he was locked into his life. He couldn't reach out beyond his own secure existence to do what I believe he really wanted to do. I felt sorry for him but left him with no option but to return to his royal bitch of a wife. Better him than me. Really!

The rule at the new shelter is that no one can stay there for more than a short amount of time. And after leaving, no one can return there for another year.

So, the IT guy drove me to a ramp, near a truck stop, outside of Cedar City, the next morning. He was friendly but reserved. I could see that his wife had left her mark on him.

So I waved goodbye as he drove away and then sat down on my backpack and put my thumb out.

Sometimes, that's all I can do.

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