Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ruthie On The Road, Update

A guy who stands 6'8", was scrunched-up in the two-door car that stopped to pick me up in Grand Junction, Colorado.

He took me all the way, past snow, jagged mountain passes and logging trucks to St. George, Utah. It was cold and misty when he dropped me off at a homeless shelter, there.

The shelter was cramped and dirty. When I tried to use the fixtures in the shower, they almost fell out of the wall.

I left St. George the next day.

But before I did, I stopped at the public library. The St. George library is housed in a large, old building in the center of the city. I decided to do some work online before I left town.

But when the librarian told me that, because I am a non-resident, that I would only be allowed limited wi-fi bandwidth, I was shocked. I opened my laptop and discovered that she was serious. The wi-fi connection was almost useless.

So, I found a wide-open hotspot and an outlet by a bench in the park gazebo and used it for several hours, instead.

A realtor drove me out of town later that day. She gave me twenty-dollars to take with me. I met a young woman, next, who dropped me off at a ramp that was out in the middle of nowhere. I wish her all of the karma that she earned that evening. I bet that she will get it, if she hasn't gotten it, already.

The sun was setting behind a mountain ridge when a man came racing up the ramp in a big, white pickup truck. He saw me, put on the brakes and his truck skidded to a stop.

"Nice driving" I said as I climbed into his truck.

The man, the IT guy at a local bank, drove me to a shelter in Cedar City, Utah. The shelter has only been open for six months. When I walked in and looked around me, I was sure that the bathroom fixtures wouldn't fall out of the wall.

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