Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Silent Night Of Missing Children

Transcript From The Video:

How will this all end?

Lindsey Jo Baum, Kyron Richard Horman and Baby Lisa Renee Irwin represent every child that has gone missing in this Country. They represent who we are and what we this stage in a Nation. The very fact that those three children are gone at all...reflects badly on our Country.

It does.

"We pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America...but please don't ask us where the missing child is...our lawyer has advised us not to answer any questions."

I SINCERELY hope that Lindsey, Kyron and Baby Lisa are returned, alive. But I am beginning to wonder if the red stripes on our American flag are now representing the blood from missing children.

There is a monster among us. And while people continue well-meant campaigns against Wall Street and for our next President...the monster remains.

It is a monster that needs to be destroyed. It is a monster that is doing everything it can to make us forget about the value of children...even...children like Lindsey, Kyron and little baby lisa.

P.S.: YouTube can kiss my ass.

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